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Jody Mitchell is a successful business woman, entrepreneur and aspiring author residing on Long Islands eastern shore.  Angels and Ogres was inspired by the author’s own life experiences and personal observations and is her first venture into the world of publishing.

The author has battled and overcome numerous life altering obstacles in her amazing journey and her winning attitude is reflected in these inspirational and uplifting works.

A&O is rooted in the concept of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. A&O presents us all with the opportunity for self introspection and will help guide us all in choosing the right path when confronted with life’s difficult choices.

A&O is the first, but not the last literary foray planned by the author. She is currently writing a series of children’s books based on the lives of her pets, Clementine, Chester, Wilson and Mink. Unlike A&O, which delves into the sober side of life, this will be an entertaining, humorous and cheerful tale which is sure to put a smile on the faces of children, and adults, of all ages. Look for it soon.

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Wading River resident finds solace through poetry
By Chelsea Katz See original

April 23, 2014 | 03:59 PM
Jody Mitchell is deep.

Diagnosed with small intestinal cancer in September 2012, she needed a way to vent. A senior contracts specialist in the procurement department at Brookhaven National Lab and an aspiring writer of children’s books, the Wading River resident found her solace through poetry.
Jody Mitchell at a recent poetry reading. Photo from Jody Mitchell
“I just put my finger tip to iPad and out it came,” Mitchell said. The book is her autobiography, filled with double entendres, meaning that not everything means what it says on the page. The first poem she wrote was “The Journey,” one she revisited in early April when she found out her cancer was back.

Her book, “Angels and Ogres,” became available online in November 2013 and in print on March 2014. Mitchell decided to publish her poetry after reading her writings to her family and being asked if she had copies to share. 



  • 5.0 out of 5 stars "MOTIVATING, INSPIRING, THOUGHT-PROVOKING!", January 13, 2014      Jody Mitchell delivers poetry that reflects on life's journey, a spiritual guide to cope through the rough times, and the unexpected as she highlights the different roads we walk on, and the true meaning of self-respect. Through poetic verse, the author describes the beauty of nature, the little things that mean the most, and how we react to many different challenges in this life-time. The intriguing poetry reminds the reader how each and everyday becomes more special and precious, after we have endured the good, the bad, and the ugly. It also reminds us that most of the time, we don't realize what we have, until we are at risk of losing it. 'Angels and Ogres' is a colorful portrait of life itself, and the many paths we choose, and those that we didn't choose. It is also symbolic of inner strength, self-esteem, and respect for not only ourselves, but for others as well. The poetry within the pages will make the reader think, long after this book is closed. Beautifully written, motivating, and impressive. Highly recommended to all those who enjoy poetry, and inspiration. Geraldine Ahearn
  • Angels and Ogres: How Do You Walk This Life and Who's On Your Shoulder is neither a fantasy novel (as one might anticipate from the title) nor self-help: it's a blend of autobiography and poetry and uses the life story of the author (who has suffered from major health problems all her life) to explore consistent themes of her experiences. Now, most poetry titles practically require a degree to understand. The poetic form often confuses and challenges rather than inviting general-interest readers to the table. Not so with Angels and Ogres: here the poetic structure is an accessible invitation beginning with a smorgasbord of various forms, from free verse to rhyme. Each poem is accompanied by a blank section of 'reflective notes' (lines inviting readers to spontaneously jot down their impressions.) And each poem provides a piece of inspiration, from the rhyming verse 'Cloudy Day' ("Never give in to dismay/Good things can happen on a cloudy day…") to self-assessment ("I am forever proving I am worthy/Always meeting controversy/Why am I singled out?/Each and every time I am kicked about…") From thought-provoking pieces about coping with life to spiritual insights and inspirational reflections, Angels and Ogres is a gentle reminder of life's uncertainties, of courage, and (most of all) of the hope that can evolve from 'impossible' situations. It's a fine inspirational read; especially recommended for others coping with chronic illness. This group will welcome the author's clear poetic insights on crisis management, life perspective, and even acceptance.
    D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars A Series Of Fine Light Poetry From A True Survivor...,January 28, 2014 Angels and Ogres is really a true survival story done to verse. Jody Mitchell is someone that has faced much adversity in life since her days as a youngin' and never given in to it. Indeed, she has found a delightful way to celebrate it within herself, and with us all. This book has a detailed forward that tells much of Jody's tragedies and triumphs in life, followed by a series of very fine poetry that pretty much covers a good deal of every day annoyances and minor conflicts that we all will face, and, how we should challenge them always and learn to rise above it all. They are very well written, and in most cases composed in such a way that someone of most any age can understand and enjoy. They are of learning what we can from all life's experiences, and making the best of what we have. In short, shall we go through life with an angel or an ogre on our shoulder. Delighting in the power of what we have been blessed with, or somehow barely exist under the thumb of hardship and distress that is sure to affect us all. Jody Mitchell is someone that has survived much in her life, and continues to prosper under a very enviable will, and the very fine prose selected here and the lessons that they teach... A most wonderful journey worth sharing indeed. Highly recommended... : )
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Jody Mitchell reminds us through ANGELS AND OGRES how we all have work to do, February 25, 2014 This review is from: Angels and Ogres (Kindle Edition) No matter who we are or where we find ourselves, the journey of learning and discovering more in life never ends. Jody Mitchell discovered this for herself and through her book ANGELS AND OGRES she reminds us that we are all a work in progress. The book takes us through her journey of self-awareness and self-discovery, allowing us to see how she wrestled against the darkness and was able to see the light. We are also inspired to focus on the good in life, even when things might not seem like their best. By doing this we find opportunities to enjoy the moment and make the most of every situation. What Jody encourages the reader to do is not always easy, but it is necessary. If we can resolve to do the work in our lives the one thing we can all discover is peace of mind---and who wouldn't want that?

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